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The Run for John Scholarships

In the ten-year history of The Run For John, the race, runners, donors and sponsors have generously honored the memory of John Bruner, his love for running and his faith, by awarding over $100,000 in college scholarships and touched the lives of a tremendous number of deserving college students. This would not have been possible without your kindness and support.

Recently, Greg and Margie (Bruner) have asked the committee to focus our efforts to establish an enduring legacy to John.  Based on their wishes we are going to transition from the current annual run to funding an endowment which will award two “Run for John Memorial Scholarships” for rising sophomores at Dalton State College. The endowment will then annually fund the scholarships to help college students for decades to come.

Submission Requirements

Applicants must be a rising sophomore at Dalton State College, complete this form and write a paper on the essay topic below. Return both together via mail or email by April 9, 2018.

Essay Topic

John expressed the values of his Catholic faith in relation to his life in an essay he wrote as a college freshman. Service to others was an important part of John's faith as he grew up in the Bruner family, in the church, and in Boy Scouts. He continued his commitment to service as an Eagle Scout and as a college student. John loved church traditions and had many joyful memories of spending time with friends at church events. He expressed that those memories brought him closer to God. As a college student, John's faith grew deeper, and he felt God's guidance and help with his studies and finding friends. John stated, “I feel that my faith has always been inside of me, especially since I have been in college.” Reflect on your own faith journey and how your faith guides you as a college student.  

Write a one-page paper on the following:  How will my faith guide me as I journey through college and prepare for my future?

Scholarship Applicant - Deadline April 9, 2018

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Age (as April 9th, 2018) ________________________________________

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Mailing Address

The Run For John

Att: Lisa Sigmon, Scholarship Chair

c/o St. Joseph's Catholic Church

968 Haigmill Lake Road
Dalton, GA 30720

E-mail Completed Application And Paper As Attachments To: sjccrunforjohn@yahoo.com